One day I will be so poor that I walk with two fingers
Laughing rhythmically under the pink-green sky

Your movements when looking for life are always awkward
Blood rubs out dirt as it flows but they are still red

If I can be let go of what I believe

There is a voice that can jam my head

Those who lose their secrets win in the selfless field
I just can’t wait for the corners of my mouth to be soft
I can’t cry

Inexplicably afraid to threaten another doubtful one

Drinking tea lying on the grass

Tired of sniffing in the dark, touching the ink with the tip of your nose
Like the flesh escapes into nothingness, nothingness is a bowl of hot soup wine

Those attempts I made always carry some despair
Real fight

I can’t tell you an unethical me

Two poets

You write poems all day long
I have nothing to do all day to watch you write poems

Occasionally you die
You often die too

to be exact
You die every day in poetry

I sigh
Can’t she die

After all, there are still days waiting for you to die


Sultry chest is waiting for the insertion of a dagger
Let the blood in, you have to choose to die for the cool freedom
The dead elves and dogs nibble on a summer afternoon
Women’s short skirts continue spring pregnancy
It ’s just that the lack of milk is unable to raise my bright eyes
Dry pupil sleeping under the eyelashes
Leave a debt to the unborn son
“Look, your father still owes us a key and a high
Do the look “
Son is unable to pay, he is blind


We are good at expressing ourselves
When a small life comes around
Our infinite joy
You will even find that little life is you
We are good at expressing ourselves
When a big life leaves
We are infinitely sad
Even you will find that the big life is like you
We are silent in infinite expression
Express the emotions of all things with the door of freedom
Not knowing
We live like everything
Use breeding systems of different sizes
Solve the problem of reproduction
Solve a complex. Multiply emotions


Let it come
Dance a dance with my beloved in my sleep
Let the painting on the wall witness this scene
I just want something to witness
Eyes of sadness
Let me relax in endless exhaustion
Carefree playing old records
Time is ancient
Let me close my eyes
Leave the most precious thing


You are a fish looking up at the sky across the water
There is a gust of wind
Will always fall from your head
Like dust accumulated in the vacant room
Deciduous knock on the lake
You look forward to the sun and the moon
A shooting star can also make the lake shine
The moment of breathing in heaven and earth
The joys and sorrows of all things are not so strong
Fire from day to night
Give me
A noisy world
Colorful dreams


For poets
Everything experienced is material
Humiliation, misfortune and love
Shock the soul
Everything that happens is a tool
Have a purpose–
Change them
Make it eternal

There is always a poem
Carry your memory and pain
The moment that resonates with your soul
You are the poet
Take off the mask

Don’t want to tell you directly

Don’t want to tell you directly
Fear of words falling into the night sky
The distance between the stars is far away
Fall on your eyes
Borders i can’t see

Don’t want to tell you directly
Tomorrow’s dream is also for you
I decided to hide in a sickness
Quietly clutching
Sweat droplets

Don’t want to tell you directly
The trick of time
In two minutes
Watch watch
I was scared and scared of you
Discover my secret

The world will be good?

My mother sits by the boat
The crumbling wind stole her face
No longer love or dreams in her eyes
Hidden in her wrinkles are the vicissitudes of time
After many years I will become what she is today
Watching people sing loudly
Singers keep singing
Singers do n’t ask where the way is