On Women

Woman is a model of formal logic and an obstacle to dialectical logic

Loneliness and boredom

Loneliness is a worthy soul to be understood but not available. It is tragic. Boredom is an unavailable soul that is not available for seeking pastime. It is comic. Loneliness is to seek ordinary human warmth but not available, it is neutral. However, people often confuse them, even posing as loneliness with boredom …
“I’m lonely.” Ah, are you worthy?


—Everything is destiny
Everything is smoke
Everything is the beginning without an ending
Everything is a fleeting pursuit
There is no smile in all joy
There is no tears in all suffering
All languages are repeated
All interaction is the first meeting
All love is in my heart
Everything is in my dreams
All hopes come with notes
All beliefs moan
All explosions have a moment of tranquility
All deaths have long echoes

Ordinary world

All suffering has an irreparable nature. However, in most cases, this simply means that some important value is irretrievably lost. At the same time, there are other values in life. They encourage the suffering to bear the immediate suffering. For example, even if a lovelorn has been completely disappointed in love, he will still live for his career or for his loved ones.


In our youth, our intuition has the upper hand, but in old age, our minds have been firmly controlled. Therefore, the former is the period of writing poetry, while the latter is the time for philosophical thinking.

As simple as a teenager, as rich as a wise man.

Jesus said that those who want to go to heaven must return to children and become children. It means that a person must be spiritually simple in order to go to heaven. I think richness should be added, and a person should be simple and rich in spirit. The more material, the more trapped in the material, the farther away from heaven, so Jesus said that it is more difficult for the rich to enter heaven than the camel drills the needle.

The meaning of life lies not in having it, but in shaping it

Saint Exupery also said the most precise words: creation is to exchange life for something longer than life. Human life always passes, and only through creation can we overcome the limitation of life. When the person leaves, the work lives on, and the human heart and soul still live in the work. Not only that, to spend a lifetime of creation, your life becomes a work.