Portrait of young poet

The inspiration pulled from the cuff
Endless, you
Walking through long sentences day and night and
In the alley, you
Born old
Although the ambition is still along
Bald edge growth
Take off the dentures, you
More like a child
Write your name on the back
Public toilet wall
Due to stunting, you
Take a few tablets of hormones every day
Make the voice docile
Like the cat next door called Chun
Nine sneezes in a row
Falling on paper, you
Don’t care about repetition
Besides, money may not be clean
But everyone likes it
The fire truck roared like crazy
Remind you to praise
Paid the moon
Or praise those who did not pay insurance premiums
Axe, heavy

More important than thinking
It’s dark, night
Like a frostbitten big toe
That numbness, you
Access to the woods by the road
Will know the guys wearing laurel wreaths
Every tree
Owl with every tree
It’s a headache to meet an acquaintance
They always like to mention the past
In the past, me and you
Everyone is rotten fish